fter Completion of Endodontic Treatment

Following endodontic treatment

While your tooth will no longer be sensitive to hot or cold, some post operative discomfort is normal. Generally, most people will experience a mild discomfort or “awareness” of the tooth and surrounding tissues. This may be especially pronounced when biting. This discomfort is the result of your body’s inflammatory response to the root canal, and it may take up to two days to reach its peak discomfort. Typically, within a week or two, most of the discomfort is gone. Some cases may take longer to heal, while other cases, like cracked teeth, might never feel quite right.

Because most discomfort is due to an inflammatory response, your doctor has likely prescribed Motrin (Ibuprofen) 600mg if you can tolerate NSAIDs. It is suggestedthatyou keep a minimal dose of 1 tablet every 6 hours (4xday) in your system through the first 2 days of peak inflammation. You may take the Motrin every 4 hours if needed, and if more pain relief is necessary you may take 2 extra strength Tylenols (acetaminophen) with the Motrin. Do not exceed 3200mg Ibuprofen or 3000mg acetaminophen per day.

The long-term success of your root canal is dependent on your final restoration of the tooth. Your general dentist will perform this for you. The filling you have in your tooth is only temporary and is only good for approximately one month. After that, it will break down and leak; leakage can then lead to failure, and the root canal may have to be redone. It is imperative you get your tooth restored as soon as it is practical.